Tractor drifting – because why the hell not? :)

Tractor drifting – because why the hell not? :)

tractor drifting 2Tractor drifting – because why the hell not? 🙂 In theory it’s possible to drift any vehicle that’s rear-wheel-drive. But there must be limits, surely? Like tractor drifting; that can’t be possible, right? They’re far too slow and cumbersome. Well, Filip Lindquist is here to prove that it is possible to drift a tractor, though fitting a 225bhp engine to his 1956 Volvo might be cheating a bit.

I bet you didn’t expect to see a tractor drifting today!

But this is not your ordinary tractor, as you might have guessed. At the beginning, this farming rat rod was a 1956 Volvo BM Terrier, but the guys from Vianor decided to extend its frame by 18 cm (7 inch). They welded a roll bar, reinforced its front suspension and replaced the old diesel with a Volvo 940 turbo engine, using a Volvo 240 head and Volvo 740 inter-cooler.

Then, a SAAB Turbo Prospark ignition and fuel system were added and the turbo boost was increased to 0.75 bar. Not much compared to a Supra, but the Volvo Terror puts out 225 hp. You will see in the video that the tractor managed to topple over at some point. That’s because of its tall center of mass and sudden change of direction. Whatever, it’s an awesome sight and the old Volvo looks like it was made for the job. Even if there are some minor stability issues. But you’ve got to find the line and tipping it over would be that line. Still, no one got hurt and it was immediately put back on its all four to go tractor drifting on the field.

Check out this wicked video as Steeze meets agriculture when Filip Lindquist and the Vianor crew drop 225 horsepower into a 1956 Volvo BM Terrier tractor! It has got to be the craziest piece of agriculture equipment and the most unlikely drifting vehicle!