You’ll believe it when you see it: Abandoned plane was turned into a street-legal car and it is an insanely powerful ride!


Have you ever thought of turning an abandoned plane in a street-legal car?

Is it a plane or a car? It appears that it’s both. One of the people who witnessed this extraordinary car-plane said “It’s not every day that you see a plane driving up a highway” and all we can do is agree with the statement. Jeff Block, a police officer, is one of those people who truly live up to their nicknames. His is “Speedy Cop” and he proves to be one when he is seen cruising the streets in a car-plane vehicle.

The 42 year old officer wanted to build something a bit different from what we see on a daily basis and different is exactly what he has accomplished. He managed to construct a plane that is entirely road worthy. The abandoned Cessna aircraft and a Toyota van helped Bloch to create a jaw-dropping ride. So, if you want to find out a little bit more about the ride, check out the vehicle and enjoy watching the most head-turning thing on the road in history!