10 of the worst General Lee clones ever!

10 of the worst General Lee clones ever! You can not unsee these! I repeat, once you see these, you can not unsee them. Your eyes will burn! 😀 We’ve been through all that how the Dodge Charger General Lee is one of the most iconic cars, ever. Its popularity rose instantly thanks to the show “The Dukes of Hazard”. Ever since, everybody wants a piece of General Lee. But, not everybody can afford a 1969 Dodge Charger. So, many of the fans turn their own crappy rides into General Lee clones by painting them or wrapping them. So, here we go:

10 Worst General Lee clones ever!

worst general lee clones
Ok, this didn’t make the list, because it’s kinda cool. I like this bike, it has the confederate flag and all…
worst general lee clones
This didn’t make the list either, I was just trying to put it here, like an honorable mention or something.
  1. Holden HT Kingswood, I guess, this is the Australian Dodge Charger General Lee? 😀 worst general lee clones
  2. This is a mean thing to do, just… mean! Why would you want to disguise this ugly meter maid car in General Lee ?worst general lee clones
  3. Or scooter, for that matter?worst general lee clones
  4. Ok, at least it’s a Dodge Charger, we’ll give them that. But it just looks so wrong, the whole composition. worst general lee clones
  5. What were they thinking? Do you think this semi is worthy of bearing this holy number?worst general lee clones
  6. This here is probably an Audi. If I’d ever to meet the owner of this car, I would tell him: Sir, one does not simply paint their Audi like the General Lee!worst general lee clones
  7. A Volkswagen Beetle? Really? I can see the connection between the Confederate flag and Hitler’s favorite car, but that’s a European car, which means it automatically doesn’t deserve this makeover.worst general lee clones
  8. Oh, no. Not a Smart car. You people should learn to show some respect!worst general lee clones
  9. Aaaand… it’s a bus! A Volkswagen minibus. worst general lee clones
  10. This Geo Metro is the absolute worst. It failed so hard, it won! 😀 worst general lee clones

Source: ridngmode.com