Wild race between Supercharged WS6 and Nitrous Camaro!

Wild race between Supercharged WS6 and Nitrous Camaro!!

It isn’t an easy task to choose a winner between these two modern muscle cars because both cars are born to be racers.
Considering the sounds of these two beasts, they don’t hide less than 300 HP under the hood. Well, the WS6 has 325hp and the yellow beauty has more than 450hp. It is something isn’t it?

The word Nitrous can tell us a lot, and we needn’t look for more info because the name speaks for itself. Camaro can boost instant acceleration and the rubber smell that can show you, is something worth watching. Both cars are good match and suitable to race against each other, but we won’t revial who is the winner of this race. Before watching the video place your bet, and see if you were right!