The wide body Camaro by CCR earns a supercar status!

wide body camaro ccrThe wide body Camaro by CCR earns a supercar status!! Campbell Camaro Racing Bodies (CCR) offers complete wide body restyling kits and performance upgrade packages for 5th generation Chevrolet Camaros. The car is wide, low and has a sexy supercar look, that’s for sure!

Wide Body Camaro earns a “Supercar” status!

These hand-crafted body kits and performance tuning options will make your Camaro a super star. The kit gives flowing, exaggerated lines with functional carbon fiber brake cooling ducts and hood intake. It will leave other supercar owners envious in passing. Take a good look at the widened and lowered rear complete with carbon fiber aero splitter and built-in spoiler. Custom satin center Rotiform wheels wrapped in some serious rubber. How do they  compliment the glossy black exterior of the car? Amazing, right? So, what do you think? Does the wide body Camaro deserves this status or not?