Wicked turbo diesel Rat Rod Burnout!


Meet Vegas Rat Rod’s 1928 Sedan diesel rat rod, one of the most powerful rat rods in the world. As you can see, Rat Rodders know how to bring not only classic cars back from grave but, some pretty unique engines too. We have seen some sick combinations and many such creations but this rat rod definitely stand out from the crowd.

For starters, we have never heard of a smoke-spewing dragger before. The inline six cylinder Cummins turbo diesel was lifted from a 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 cranks out a whooping 1270 ft.-lbs of torque. No worries, Steve made sure that this thing can carry the heavy engine. This diesel machine clicks off staggering 11.60 seconds (quarter mile time) at 118 mph. This is one of the most insane rat rods out there and believe us, the burnout that you’re about to see in the video won’t disappoint you. Enjoy!