Why Carroll Shelby Chose a Mustang?


This rare TV Commercial with Carroll Shelby choosing 1967 Ford Mustang for modification is a fine example that the greatest custom performance vehicle manufacturer Carroll Shelby has an eye for good things. Shelby is the founder and owner of the Shelby American and he manufactures vehicles and parts. To build a supercar, Shelby needed a good existing car for modification. He could have chosen any car he wanted, but he chose a Mustang because they are mean and strong looking cars and they have a long list of features and options.

The 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 is a classic American muscle car. Shelby couldn’t resist from injecting a good dose of his ingenuity into the redesigned ’67 model. Shelby Mustangs are cool cars that feature powerful engines, great looks, amazing V-8 sounds, and strong rear differentials.

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