Watch out! Thieves have New Scam: Switching Hoses at the Gas Pump!

SCAM ALERT Thieves Switch Hoses in New Gas Pump Swindle

Thieves are full of ideas, unfortunately, bad ones. Now they have found a way to rip you off at the gas pump by switching the gas hoses. Thieves can scam someone very easily because they spend time figuring out, planning how to scam you while you have no clue what is going on. For this new scam, all they have to do is to get there first, go to the pump but they don’t use their nozzle but the one from the other side. Then they put it in their gas tank and wait for their victim.

The twisted magic trick is when they take their pump and switch with the one they took before. When the victim arrives and is ready to fill up his car. He takes his card and put it in the slot. Of course like in every scam, thieves distract their victims, and they have no idea what is happening. Next time, check twice to see if the hose you are using is attached to your pump. In the video below you can see how this scam actually works!