Unbelievable near miss : Drifting semi misses a truck by inches!!!

Unbelievable near missUnbelievable near miss and one of the most shocking ones that we’ve seen so far.

This is a story of a very lucky trucker and a poor lady that experienced a mother of all bad days. As she was driving on a country road in Victoria, Australia she stumbled upon a fallen tree branch that caused a damage to her car when she drove over it. That’s where the semi truck driver and his dash cam come in the picture.

Unbelievable near miss : Drifting semi misses a truck by inches

He stops to see if she is okay and if she needs any help. While he is talking to the woman, we can see another truck appearing out of nowhere, darting from the opposite direction. As everything happens in a split second, the trailer of the truck drifts through the bend, using the entire width of the road. At this point, it seems that both the car and the stopped semi are bound to take a direct hit. However, the semi that’s out of control suddenly plows through the fallen branch that somehow corrects the angle of the trailer missing the stopped semi truck completely. The poor woman’s car, on the other hand, was totaled. Luckily, there is a silver lining : the lady manages to get out of the way at the last second so, practically, nobody got hurt. A lucky day, indeed.