Tulsans Buried a Brand New Plymouth Belvedere in 1957, but Years Later it Was Soaked in Water


Back in 1957, Tulsans buried a brand new Plymouth Belvedere as a part of a contest, and they put a couple of artifacts in it, beer, a pack of cigarettes, oil and gasoline. That was a part of a contest where the question asked was to give the closest number of Tulsa’s population in 2007, and the award was the Plymouth that was buried underground. When the citizens decided to open up the vault’s lid, the workers found a water, so it was clear that the car has been submerged.

The water was pumped out. The vault was built to protect the car from a nuclear attack not from water. There was a danger for the water to be toxic so the Fire Department was asked to come. Tulsa’s time capsule was still covered in metal preservative, cosmoline and finally wrapped in plastic when was buried out. It is sad that the car was only a bucket of rust, but still interesting to watch.

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