This supercharged ’70 Plymouth Barracuda V8 makes some serious exhaust sounds!


Yet, another hell of a badass American Muscle classic! This ’70 Plymouth Barracuda, as mentioned, is powered by a 7.2 440 big block V8 that puts out around 550 HP but the thing that we like most about it, is its uniqueness.

Muscle cars are all over the globe; there are too many car shows and too many people that love and drive such cars. So, seeing a muscle car isn’t a big deal but, making it unique is completely different. This ’70 Barracuda was made so nicely that there’s no other like it. The car was spotted at the Helsinki Cruising Night car show and the people who had the opportunity to see it first were in awe, especially by the sounds coming from the exhaust. Now is your chance!