This is why the 2015 Chevrolet SS in no ordinary ride!


The Chevrolet SS is easily recognizable among enthusiasts who immediately get the punch but, what about everybody else? Don’t let others fool you, this sedan is not just a great car- it’s a fabulous future classic and here you’ll find out why.

The one reason why this thing is so special is because its rear-wheel drive makes it a rival to models like the BMW 5 series and the Dodge Charger. This Chevrolet is a sizable car; it rides on a wheelbase that is nearly 155 inches and has a body that is longer than 195 inches. It has a roomy interior with ample back-seat space. Yes, this car has some unique provenance and out-sized dimensions but, the thing that truly sets it apart from just about any sedan is nestled amidship. This thing is available with manual transmission! Check it out!