This drifting military tank is pure madness!


You don’t see a drifting military tank every day!

This enormous 68-ton monster with 28-29 HP/Ton power to ratio is one mean weapon that can cause massive destruction and it is one of the coolest rides on this planet.

Yes, its military abilities are amazing, its rotations on the rifled gun when it is in motion are awesome but in the video you can see that it can do much more than that. Can you imagine a massive steel ride on tracks of 68 tons making doughnut drifts? The asphalt will beg for mercy! That’s why this tank was moved to ground surface when it can show us some action! It sounds crazy and unbelievable for this thing to perform drifts because of the traction but it sure can spin like a car!

Check out the video to see this beast doing a wild drift followed by 360 degrees spin- amazing, right?