The Mad Matt supercharged Chrysler SRT-8 screaming in anger!


This beast literally blew everyone’s mind away! Ever since pictures from the 2015 Spring Festival came out, showing the 2006 Chrysler SRT-8 packing a supercharger we have all been waiting to see it doing something wicked. Usually people are skeptical when it comes to any new Rots-type superchargers like this one, on a car because they simply don’t see much of them anymore, except in Australia.

But make no mistake! What you’re seeing is absolutely and insanely perfect. We don’t have much information on the car except that it runs a 6.1 HEMI, a standard equipment for a ’06 SRT, a 6-71 of unknown origins, all of the emission equipment and stock fuel injection system. Saying that we want to see more of this beast is an understatement of the century. The video below is the first footage uploaded of YouTube that’s showing the Chrysler screaming in anger.