The Couprageous Ed’s 1937 Ford Coupe: Cool car with a cool story!

The Couprageous Ed’s 1937 Ford Coupe Cool car with a cool story!

The first impression that we got when seeing Ed’s 1937 Ford Coupe was “it looks like a killer but, it won’t run, if it does it will be a handful at its best and it will never be finished”. Well, we couldn’t have been more wrong. Going just a few miles past the sanity is what Ed Umland actually did. All he wanted was a street-cruising car that is able to run 200 mph in the standing mile.

Ed was looking at and measuring a number of ’30s Chevys and Mopars. At the end, he settled on a ’37 Ford coupe as the ideal for his vision madness, started building and planning and now in the video we can see his masterpiece (his job is not completed yet!) It’s truly an exceptional work of art that we admire and we can’t wait to see what this thing will look like when it is completely finished.

You can see the outrageous Ford Coupe in the video below. Enjoy!