That moment you realize you watched a Nissan GT-R lose by a V6 Mustang


When you think of a race car, surely, a V6 Mustang doesn’t come to your mind. Well, that’s why this race will come as a big surprise to you because it will blow your mind away. This car build is definitely no joke! What you’re about to see in the video is a race between a GT-R and a Mustang. The GT-R is considered to be among the kings of the streets when it comes to racing. Can this V6 Mustang take it down? The Mustang is built by Limitless Performance and their ride is powered by a 3.7-liter six cylinder capable of producing 575 HP. The other one has an upgraded AWD Nissan under the hood, producing 720 HP.

Not many expect a lot from a V6 Mustang but, we’re pretty sure that this Stang owner will change a few minds when it comes to the car’s performance, if not all of them.