Take a look at this awesome ‘TREE’ truck! PRETTY IMPRESSIVE!


Hell of a truck!

It seems like Australia has a lot to offer! Lately, we got used to seeing impressive examples coming from there- fast as hell muscle monsters, powerful and huge trucks, and insane buggies but what you’re about to see in the video below is a bit different and unusual. This thing is definitely not like most of the trucks that you’re used to seeing but nevertheless, it is quite interesting and intriguing and deserves to be seen!

This “tree” truck belongs to the Melbourne’s Tree Care company that is obviously, specialized in tree transplanting and many other things that involves trees. The video presents an illustration of tree transplantation, showing how this Scania truck relocates pretty huge trees from one place to another, with ease. This thing is equipped with a machine that is doing all the digging by itself which makes the removal seem easy as 1 2 3.

Check it out!