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GREEN Monster! 750 hp Twin Turbo Camaro in a Street Race!

We love twin turbo plants, especially those that look pretty and go fast. This Camaro is 750 hp green monster that is going against a supercharged Ford F-150 Lightning, 600 hp Infiniti

Viper Graphite ‘69 Chevrolet Chevelle With Twin Turbo!

This outstanding ’69 Chevy Chevelle convertible has Twin Turbo 540 Cl all aluminum Big Block V8 Chevy engine while the custom interior is olive grey done by Tracy at Recovery Room. The

Insane 1970-1/2 Z/28 TWIN TURBO CAMARO Is Warming Up At RT 66

If we talk about ProMods, then we should mention this Camaro powered by a Jasiek Racing Engine. These engines are the best because they have a long history of building engines that

2400HP Twin Turbo Corvette Roaring the Streets at TX2K15!

TX2K15 is a very good synonym for INSANE Cars and this Twin Turbo Corvette is precisely that – an insane car. TX2K15 is a Car event of the world’s fastest machines. When

Twin Turbo Ford GT-2000HP!!!

The Ford GT is a beauty. When a twin turbo kit is added it becomes a beast. 2000hp Twin Turbo RedBull Ford GT is one of the best sounding cars you will ever

Twin Turbo Cummins Powered Mustang!!!

When someone builds something that is not very fast the Dodge Cummins helps by making it a little bit special. The Dodge Cummins is very popular because it has been seen in

2000 HP on this Twin Turbo Corvette by LMR

When LMR brought their Corvette C6 at the 2012 Texas Invitational nobody knew what to expect from this car, but LMR outdone themselves. Not only they dominated the Corvette Challenge, but they also

BEAST! 1113 HP Twin Turbo Ford GT by Heffner

It looks like a beast, it sounds like a beast. Check out Heffner Performance’s Ford GT. There were few adjustments made to this GT like the twin turbo 4.5-litter V-8 engine by Heffner Performance