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Truck driver forgets to lower the bed and crashes into a highway sign!

Well, it looks like someone forgot to lower the truck bed. This truck driver was caught crashing into an overhead sign. Yes, he sure destroyed it completely.  He was just travelling down

When a Truck Tug of War goes wrong…this happens!

This is a tug of war between Ford and Chevy, and it didn’t go as planned.  The awesome brown Ford truck is literally tearing his pall’s Chevy limb-from-limb up until its frame

This is how to park a truck like a boss!

This is not an ordinary parking video because this guy is parking his truck with only 2 moves. In order to park his truck in a garage the guy is drifting with

Take a look at this awesome ‘TREE’ truck! PRETTY IMPRESSIVE!

Hell of a truck! It seems like Australia has a lot to offer! Lately, we got used to seeing impressive examples coming from there- fast as hell muscle monsters, powerful and huge

Walmart’s Futuristic Concept Truck

This vehicle was unveiled at the Mid-America Trucking show, and this futuristic truck looks like one taken from a Transformers movie. This concept truck is called W.A.V.E. which is abbreviated from Walmart Advanced

Furious Diver Makes Some Extra Room to Park His Truck!

Finding available parking spot requires a lot of efforts, especially if you drive a Pickup Truck, which normally requires a larger parking spot. Normally, parking spots have enough space to park even a

Amazing gas powered RC Grave Digger in action!

We have all seen the original Grave Digger Monster Truck on Drag Race, Pulling and Mud Shows. That’s where this guy probably got the idea. He made 1/4 Scale gas powered RC Grave

Powerful truck dominates the swamp with absolute power!

Finally, our favorite sport-mudding! This truck on tractor tires looks mean but, that’s irrelevant considering the fact that it will get dirty in the first 2 seconds. Many of them sink into the

Semi Truck Killing Supercars on the Drag strip

You’ll have to see it to believe it, a Semi Truck is killing the supercars on the drag strip. To see a Viper or a Corvette lose a drag race you would