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This supercharged ’70 Plymouth Barracuda V8 makes some serious exhaust sounds!

Yet, another hell of a badass American Muscle classic! This ’70 Plymouth Barracuda, as mentioned, is powered by a 7.2 440 big block V8 that puts out around 550 HP but the

The Mad Matt supercharged Chrysler SRT-8 screaming in anger!

This beast literally blew everyone’s mind away! Ever since pictures from the 2015 Spring Festival came out, showing the 2006 Chrysler SRT-8 packing a supercharger we have all been waiting to see

Wild race between Supercharged WS6 and Nitrous Camaro!

It isn’t an easy task to choose a winner between these two modern muscle cars because both cars are born to be racers. Considering the sounds of these two beasts, they don’t

BEWARE – Batman Supercharged Monster Truck in action!

You dont’t see a monster truck like this one every day! You may think that The Tumbler Car is the meanest Batmobile that has ever felt the actual smell of Gotham City

Amazing Supercharged Dodge Challenger

This Dodge Challenger was built in Richard Petty Garage – quite impressive huh? The body kit, the paint, the suspension, all engine upgrades, interior design etc, everything is entirely modified with Petty’s parts.

Amazing 67′ Mustang “CoupeR Obsidian”

One of the best exhibits that SEMA show has ever featured is this 1967 Ford Mustang. This is not just any Mustang, it’s a 1.3 million dollars of investment Mustang. It’s called Obsidian SG

1942 supercharged V16 Coupé – Red Skull

Check out the coolest Coupe ever, The Red Skull personal favorite! The Hydra Schmidt Coupe is designed by Daniel Simon for the 2011 feature film Captain America: The First Avenger. For building this