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Can trucks fly? Daredevil Godfrey flies half the length of a football field with his semi truck!

Need we say more!? There really is something incredibly thrilling and unsettling about seeing a semi truck flying through the air. When we take into consideration the commercial purposes and the massive

Mastering parallel parking-record!

Parallel parking is always a huge problem for everyone, especially for the newbies. However, some people have amazing driving skills and Zhang Hua is one of them. He is the master of

Seth Enlow making the longest jump in a Harley Davidson

The crusty demon of Dirt and OG, Seth Enslow the long distance jumper achieved a long time goal- jumping a dirt bike over 300 feet. Seth thought it was time to take

2,000 HP Ford GT Destroys The Old Texas Mile Record!

A Ford GT has broken the Texas Mile speed record, AGAIN! Yes, you’ve read it right as this is not the first time that this beast has taken the glory when it

Robbie Maddison Breaking Two Records in this INSANE RUN!

Freestyle Motocross pioneer Robbie Maddison is known for his record-breaking jumps at traditional locations across the globe. He’s a member of the Skullcandy family who along with Red Bull brought his dream

Ford GT with 1800HP – “BADD GT”

They call it BADD GT!! How else to call it when it haves twin turbos makeing 1800HP on the ground! Performance Power Racing made this Ford GT a record breaker! They set

69 Cars Broke the Guinnes World Record for Biggest Burnout

Check out the Biggest Burnout in the world ever done. It is the standing Guinness World Record for the Biggest Burnout. It took 69 cars to do it, and to make it