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Military veteran steals a Humvee and makes for an insane chase!

Military veteran steals

Military veteran steals a Humvee and takes the Police on one crazy chase. This is one of those chases that may get your blood boiling for a minute or maybe even nine. This military veteran stole a Humvee from a military base in Georgia with one thought on his mind – he is to do everything it takes to keep …

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High speed Police chase of a man wanted for numerous crimes!

High speed Police chase

High speed Police chase of a man wanted for numerous crimes! This chase took place on the streets of South Florida, April 1st, 2016. The Police were pursuing the driver in the red Mercury, Keith Antonio Michel, 34. It all started when Lauderhill Police put out an alert for Michel after they said he stabbed his girlfriend multiple times the night before. High …

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Epic police pursuit of a suspect in a murder case!

Epic police pursuit

Epic police pursuit of a suspect in a murder case!! According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, John Lopez, 26, was booked on suspicion of felony evading. The chase began around 6:20 p.m. Thursday in Compton when officers linked a black Mercedes-Benz to an attempted murder case. Lopez caused a traffic nightmare along the freeway, stranding thousands of people in their cars. Epic …

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Need for speed in Belarus- Police vs. Car transporter

This insane speed chase which occurred in Belarus, near Grondo city, is the scariest police chase that we have ever seen! Well, it’s not every day you see a high speed chase that involves a fully loaded transport vehicle! The 30 year old driver was probably dead drunk but  he, somehow, managed to evade the police for more than 100 …

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This is what happens when truckers lend a hand in a police chase!

No ordinary vehicle can mess with big trucks! In the video below truckers decided to help the police in a tricky chase. Huge and heavy as they are they didn’t allow the escaping vehicle to go any further by blocking its way- easy as 1,2,3! We don’t know what their company thought of their guest but we think what they …

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Hilarious Grand Theft Auto Police Chase

What makes the Grand Theft Auto games so fun is that they are hilariously unrealistic. You can’t except that the police will stop chasing you after you mowed down several civilians or manage to evade them for a few blocks or even because you car painted a different color. The video shows that some people may not think of the …

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Bales of Cannabis Thrown Out of Car Window During High-Speed Police Chase

You’ll have to see it to believe it. In the video two dudes are running away from the police. The chase reached speeds over 100 mph, then turned into a foot chase after the smugglers stopped their car and tried to escape running. Apparently, after they were arrested the police discovered a stash house. We didn’t mentioned the best part – …

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