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Teach ’em while they’re young! Kids Drifting in a Mustang!

Oh yeah, this kid got talent!!! Look at this young kid (4 years old) drifting in a Mustang like a boss with young lady next to him!!! His name is Celso James Chua and i know

BADASS 1970 Mustang Fastback “SYNFUL” by EVS Motors

Check out this badass 1970’s metallic blue pearl Mustang Fastback “SYNFUL”  created by EVS Motors. This muscle car looks amazing, look at the body style with ’69 side scoops, nice chrome interior. 18″ Budnik front wheels

Shelby Mustang “1000” Ripping out the streets!

Look at this amazing Shelby Mustang 1000 Super Snake ripping out the streets! Under the hood of this beast lies the supercharged v8 5.4-liter engine producing 1000 horsepower and top speed of 200mph. This is a

Scary Shelby Cobra Mustang Spits Nitrous

One of the coolest new generation Shelby Cobra Mustang’s out there! Black on Black special body kit, coolest headlight changing colour… angle eyes , devil eyes you name it! And the coolest

OVER 2600 Mustangs at the AM2014 6th Annual American Muscle Mustang Car Show

Check out the compilation video of the AM2014 6th Annual American Muscle Mustang Car Show hosted at the Maple Grove Raceway, Pennsylvania. With over 10,000 people, over 2,600 Mustangs and raised over 35,000 dollars

2015 Ford Mustang Evos Concept

The Ford Mustang Evos Concept is designed with real stylish looks. The model is a classic coupe style plug-in hybrid grand tourer, unveiled to the public at the September  2011 Frankfurt Motor

Dubai Police Cars – fastest fleet in the world!!!

WOW!! When it comes to Dubai everything must be top notch!! Ofcourse money is not a problem over there so things they do are little bit extravagant. From the tallest buildings, underwater

THE BOSS – Mustang Fastback by Kindig

1968 Mustang Fastback turned into one of the best muscle cars of all time THE BOSS. And we can thank Kindig it Design for the great job done. The car haves a