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Is it a Barn Find or Is it a Trailer Trash? – It’s a Mustang and nothing else matters!

We love barn finds. Those dirty old cars have a mystery and a story interesting to be heard. Today we have a Mustang, that was locked up in a trailer for a

2015 Shelby Mustang Super Snake! 750+hp..

Shelby American love to make things to go faster. A mustang GT came in their hands and they didn’t have second thoughts when they started making it capable of producing more than

The Zombie 222 electric Mustang embarrasses the Tesla P85D

Can you see that little green spot? It is the Zombie 222. Now, can you see the Tesla Model S P85 D? No, you can’t. It’s kind of nasty but you get

MUSTANG GT350R roaring in London gets more atention then a Rock Star!

Introduced at the L.A. Car show in November, the Shelby Mustang 350 GT is outstanding. Wearing the legendary shelby GT name this baby is  equipped with 5.2. Liter V8 with 526 hp

14 year old kid crashed brand new Mustang Eleanor!

Mustang Eleanor vs. Garage Wall! Ouch! This video is one of the most viral automotive videos on the internet. The 14 year old boy, named Joey, young and inexperienced, hops in the

Stunning Mustang- 8 second Street Sleeper

This powerful Mustang is something else! Its mean-looking and powerful appearance is extremely appealing but that’s not all. On the passenger side there is a huge downpipe sticking out of the bumper

Intimidating 1967 Ford Mustang!

This is one intimidating Mustang! It has a brutal look which probably comes from the combination of monochromatic paint and the hardware under the skin. The color is more important than you

The stunning “Hellenor” Mustang – Test Drive

Nelson Racing Engines are showing off the beautifully crafted Mustang called “Hellenor”. Looking under the hood you will find 440 cube small block ford 8 throttle body engine package. This amazing ride

Smart Wheelie Going Fearlessly Against Shelby GT500 Mustang

The ’08 Smart give this Shelby a shocking surprise. The Smart runs on 1.5-liters Toyota Paseo Sprintex supercharged engine, which is much smaller than the Mustang’s 5.8, but the Smart obviously has

Twin Turbo Cummins Powered Mustang!!!

When someone builds something that is not very fast the Dodge Cummins helps by making it a little bit special. The Dodge Cummins is very popular because it has been seen in