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Having picnic Like a Boss on a Motorized Picnic Table

Hanging out with friends and family and going out for a picnic is very common to all of us, but having a picnic on a moving table with attached engine that produce

This is how to park a truck like a boss!

This is not an ordinary parking video because this guy is parking his truck with only 2 moves. In order to park his truck in a garage the guy is drifting with

Doing things LIKE A BOSS – must watch compilation

When all of “ LIKE A BOSS ” videos are put together in one compilation then that one is something that is definitely worth watching. These videos are recorded at the right time

Switching lanes like an actual boss!

Switching lanes can be tricky business especially for newbies.  However, what you’re about to see in the video has nothing to do with skills or experience but we’re thinking that it might