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Mario Kart In Live! Wild Go-Kart-Style-Racing Game with Friends

We all remember the video game Super Mario which was published by Nintendo. There isn’t a Mario Kart fan that hasn’t dreamed of playing a real version of this racing game. These

You can have a cool Go Kart for $50!

It is nice to have friends who know what you want for birthday. Taylor’s friends have bought him go kart for $50 and decided to restore it. This go kart didn’t run,

Burnout on 350 V8 Go Kart with 180hp!

Canadians are cool, but this guy is the coolest. He has built a Go Kart with parts of a Honda Street bike. After selling it for 5 thousand dollars, he is sending

Go Kart Gets Monster Engine Upgrade!!!

Everyone likes upgrading stuff. For example, this particular Go Kart got a huge boost in the engine department. Fasten your seatbelts, because this is one hell of a ride. This little hot

8×8 Go kart – Gearheads only!

Here’ something for the gearheads! This 8×8 Go kart is build for nothing but excitement and pure fun. This killer off-road machine is ready for any crazy terrain you’re willing to throw

Powerful Go Kart With A Boeing Jet Engine!

Would it be fair if we call this thing a go kart? Because a go kart is a small four wheeled vehicle that usually has a maximum of 20 HP and a

Crazy 150HP R1 Go Kart Run

A one of a kind custom frame built made especially for this R1 engine Go kart. It goes 0-60 in 2 seconds-170 mph top speed. One of the owners claimed that they