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Sneak a peek at seven customized 2015 Ford F-150 Trucks for SEMA!

These seven modified Ford F-150 trucks are set to be showcased at SEMA this year. There were no doubts that Ford will make a hell of a show. This time, Ford paid

Welcome the new Gymkhana! Ken Block shows what this car can do!

Where to look when you want to see some tire-shredding action? The answer is simple-try the Hoonigans. At the Donut Garage, Ken Block in the Gymkhana Escort is having some fun while

Ford F-150 shows what being tough is all about!

The Ford F-150 seems to be almighty! A fire took out Kelleher Ford Sales Dauphin Dealership and sadly, the entire place was devastated by the horrible accident. Luckily, nobody got hurt in

Chevrolet uses a grizzly bear to show that the Silverado is better than the Ford F-150

The battle between Ford and Chevrolet is headed for a cage match and Chevy really has the whole thing trolling down! The Ford-150 was controversial ever since its concept came out, even

Ford ATLAS Concept truck Review and Driving Footage

Ford is welcoming its brand-new Ford Atlas. In this review with the Marketing Manager, Eric Peterson is talking about the newest concept truck that is built as a platform demo for the

Insane 34 Ford 468 Big Block Race Car “Blown Mafia”

One very cool Ford with a very rare engine makes an insane sound. Bradley Gray, built this rear engine digger featuring a ‘34 Ford replica body which was used on Legends oval

Perfectly restored Ford Torino Cobra For Sale!

This is one hell of a Ford Torino! A true American Muscle car is for sale. This beauty has been restored to factory pieces. Its power comes from the Numbers Matching 351ci

GT500 Shelby’s tearing up the streets!

We’re used to seeing many different cars but when it comes to GT500 Shelby we just can’t get enough we can’t get enough. And, in the video we have two of them! 

10 minutes of heaven: 2015 Ford Mustangs at SEMA

Another year of the Mustangs! Mustangs are mean and powerful rides. Most of them take away the cake wherever they go, even at the SEMA Auto Show a Mustang was named “Hottest

Ford vs Chevrolet – RC Pulling War is going wild!

If you love RC games that this is definitely your thing! This hobby has been rolling lately and it is amazingly fun! The video is just another fresh perspective of the RC games.