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Ford Mustang explodes into flames at the strip!

Ford Mustang explodes into flames at the strip! A nitrous line bursts and causes this Ford Mustang to explode into flames in an unfortunate turn of events. Drag racing can be very dangerous,

When Dyno goes wrong: Mustang tire blow out during a 150 mph dyno run!

At first all we can see is a Ford Mustang strapped to a dyno being run through the gears. But around 40 seconds after the start, suddenly, a tire blasts off ripping

This 632ci Big Block Chevy Mustang is a 7-SECOND BEAST!

Mixing Ford with Chevy can be a real thing if you know how to do it. To create a drag beast that will break in the range of SEVEN seconds, a wild

Galpin and Fisker transformed the Ford Mustang into a topless Rocket Speedster!

Henrik Fisker made big news at the 2014 LA auto show when showing the Ford Mustang-based concept that became reality with the help of Galpin Auto Sports. Now, Fisker and Gaplin are

Super Blue ‘69 Ford Mustang Custom RestoMod with a Crazy Loud 572 ci Motor

On “My Car Story” Lou Costabile is at the World of Wheels to check out the story of one amazing Ford Mustang Custom RestoMod with a crazy loud motor that is 572

The ultimate cave piece- Eleanor Shelby TV lift display!

The muscle car widely known as Eleanor, is a Shelby GT500 Ford Mustang that was made famous by the popular movie “Gone in 60 seconds”, starring Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage. Probably

Say Hello to The 2015 Roush Performance Ford Mustang GT!

This first and one of a kind 2015 Roush Performance Ford Mustang GT is in possession of one on the marketing assistants in the company, Brian McCarthy. He managed to modify the

The story of the stunning 1967 Ford Mustang “Aviatrix”

This one-of-a-kind custom built ’67 Ford Mustang that goes by the name “Aviatrix” is a masterpiece of “B Rod or Custom”. They managed to transform this Mustang into a work of art

Muscle Ford Mustang VS Japanese Nissan GTR

Check out this drag race between American Muscle car and Japanese sport car! Drag racing can easily satisfy car lovers. But this is not an ordinary drag race. It is a drag race

66′ Mustang Tuned To Perfection! Handles like a Porsche

Mustang coupes have movie-star good looks and most people notice them. The thing is they are almost everywhere lately, so car lovers are not that impressed anymore. This 1966 Ford Mustang is