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1955 Chevy Bel Air funny restoration fail!

1955 Chevy Bel Air funny restoration fail!! While looking awesome and being a dream car for many, this Chevy has got some flaws. It’s been recently restored and $170,000 were spent in

How to ruin a perfectly new truck!

Well, you don’t see this every day. This perfectly new truck wasn’t supposed to end like this but, when you allow your girlfriend or wife to mess with things like these, then

Ford F-150 Pickup runs over a Ferrari 458 Italia

Imagine waiting 12 to 18 month to finally get your hands on the brand new Ferrari 458 Italia supercar just to have it crushed under the wheels of a Ford F-150 pickup

Poor truck !- Man saws a tree into a Ford truck bed and fails!

Tough luck poor truck! If you have seen Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner then you’ll get the idea where this guy is coming from. This man in the video probably

When an epic burnout ends up as an epic fail!

It’s really interesting watching an epic burnout, great drag races, expensive vehicles and extraordinary drifting skills but what even more interesting is watching failed attempts. Today we give you one ridiculous fail moment

Ford driver tastes instant karma- Road Rage Fail!

Road Rage fails are our favorite! The last thing we all want is to be proven that we were wrong. Acting like a complete fool doesn’t help and the guy in the video

Epic fail- Idiot tries to break a car window with his head!

The guy in the video hopelessly tries to break the window of the car with his head, which apparently is empty! He makes several attempts and fails- BIG TIME! Honestly, we’re pretty


The guy on the bicycle tries to do a very simple stunt- simple for those who know how to get this thing done! He tries to ride his BMX over a random

Crane Lifting a Tank! What Can Go Wrong?

  When a crane operator hasn’t got an idea what he/she is doing, the outcome is usually really bad and expensive. Let’s face it; nobody uses a crane to move something light

Parking – Failed!

If you want to own and operate a car, one main thing you need to learn is to park it. Did someone say that parking your car is a piece of cake?