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Ford Mustang SVT Cobra vs Aventador at the drag strip!

Ford Mustang SVT Cobra vs Aventador at the drag strip! Can you tell who won without watching the video? The Aventador has from 691 to 740 horsepower. It’s powered by a 6.5L

Four Jet Cars in a Row but Only One Race!

What is better than watching four jet cars standing in a line and waiting to race all at once? At the Z-Mac drag strip in North Carolina question was already answered when

Find out what can go wrong in a classic car drag race!

The list is a mile long as many things can go wrong, no matter whether it’s a race or a situation in your life, the start or the beginning of that particular

Fastest drag-boat in the World!

The world’s most powerful hydro drag-boat is here and it’s knocking us out! There is always one word connected to this boat- ‘domination’! This boat is so fast and powerful it probably

Crazy Uphill Drag Race – Enormous Turbos!

An uphill sand drag race is always challenging. That’s why the video below tells us what kind of machine is required to run up a massive pile of sand. This competition features

Warning! – Beast Mode On! 3000HP Corvette VS 3000HP Cadillac XLR!

The beast battle is between Mark Woodruff in his Proline powered Twin Turbo Chevrolet Corvette and Scott Lowery in his Moran powered Twin Turbo Cadillac XLR. Both cars are laying down about

The SEMA drag race 2014

The SEMA drag race is always shocking. This time they made a ridiculous mix of vehicles brought together at an airport runway. A Blasphemi  55’ Chevy Bel Air (a 535-cubic-inch (8.8-liter) Hemi

PURE INSANITY! 60.000HP Drag Race! Shockwave Jet Trucks!!!

If you haven’t seen a drag race between two semi trucks, both powered by jet engines now it’s the time. In 1984 Les Shockley created the first Shockwave jet truck and this

Dodge Challenger VS Lamborghini Countach

Check out this fun drag race between these two super cool cars the Dodge Challenger VS Lamborghini Countach!! Who wins…