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Drunk driver crashes right into a Petrol station – SHOCKING!!!

Drunk driver has been caught on tape crashing into a petrol pump at a filling station in Kroonstad. Another catastrophe caused by mixing drinking and driving. Will people ever learn? Drunk driver

Super crashing at 125 mph: World’s fastest crash test is sick!

The folks at Fifth Gear are widely known for their crashing tests. So far, they have conducted some pretty “destructive” researches, all related with car crashing. Whether it’s about the how strong

Epic Harley Davidson Lowside Motorcycle Crash

Customized Harley Bagger AKA Harley Street Glide has the pure street style and long haul comfort that makes this motorcycle #1 in the sport. In this video, the customized Harley crashes near the

14 year old kid crashed brand new Mustang Eleanor!

Mustang Eleanor vs. Garage Wall! Ouch! This video is one of the most viral automotive videos on the internet. The 14 year old boy, named Joey, young and inexperienced, hops in the