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1000hp Cummins Goes Wild and Kills Corvette!

Corvettes are cool and fast cars, but this Garmin built 1000hp Cummins is going to win this race. Maybe thought that the Corvette will beat this Dodge pick-up, but you were wrong.

“Revelation” This 1967 Corvette is the “2015 Goodguy’s Street Machine of the Year”

The “Revelation” was built by Mike Goldman and his team. They have done an amazing job on this smokin’ hot Corvette.Just look at that flat stinger hood and brushed nickel front bumper,

Entering the highway in a boss style in a CORVETTE!

There is a regular way to pull on to the highway with your turbocharged Corvette, but doing it in a boss style is more fun. This guy is choosing the latter. He

2400HP Twin Turbo Corvette Roaring the Streets at TX2K15!

TX2K15 is a very good synonym for INSANE Cars and this Twin Turbo Corvette is precisely that – an insane car. TX2K15 is a Car event of the world’s fastest machines. When

The Rarest and Most Unique Corvette Collection!

This kind of collection can be found only in one place- Bill Mitchell’s garage! Ray gets a tour inside this “secret garage”. In the video you will be able to hear stories

Insane Dude Destroying A Corvette In 3 minutes!

This guy probably knows best on how to destroy a Corvette in about 3 minutes. He is obviously having fun and couldn’t care less about the car! At around 2:38 you will

2000 HP on this Twin Turbo Corvette by LMR

When LMR brought their Corvette C6 at the 2012 Texas Invitational nobody knew what to expect from this car, but LMR outdone themselves. Not only they dominated the Corvette Challenge, but they also

C7 Stingray VS BMW i8 drag race

Well so many difrences between the Stingray VS BMW… first the Stingray haves the traditional V8 Chevy engine that make 455 Horse power and then we have the BMW i8 with a