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Watch out! Thieves have New Scam: Switching Hoses at the Gas Pump!

Thieves are full of ideas, unfortunately, bad ones. Now they have found a way to rip you off at the gas pump by switching the gas hoses. Thieves can scam someone very easily

Hit and Run Car driver got what he deserved!

The biker was shooting this video and witnessed this whole event when a motorcyclist was hit by a car. When he saw what the car driver did, he reacted very bravely and

Air suspension setup on the Badass Ford Mercury ‘51 !

This hot rod Ford Mercury was slammed to the ground thanks to its air suspension setup. In Brazil, there was a really fun show with this bass ass car which isn’t something that

Castrol EDGE presents: The coolest Titanium Strong Virtual Drift!

Here you can watch how the driver Matt Powers is experiencing something amazing, and that something is driving in a specially designed Virtual Reality helmet, in a real car with Fluid Titanium

Electric Powered Smart ForStars – The new generation of Smart!

In this video a showcasing of the new generation of the microcar brand Smart. This city car is electric powered and will be produced in co-operation with the French Renault, but it

HARKEN – Alarm to wake you if you fall asleep while driving!

This European project is inspired by road accidents caused by fatigue. Because there are too much car accidents, most of them fatal, and all this can come to an end because of

Jenni the Meter Maid has got the power… She can lift a car with bare hands!

Meet Jenni, she is dressed like a New York City Meter Maid, and she is giving a lesson to a rude Cab driver. Of course, this is all a setup, and the

Drifting Madness! 4 Bikes, 1 Car and a lot of tires.

Drifting is something we all love to watch!  The enjoyment of the adrenaline rush of throwing a car around the track is contagious. The speed and the smoke coming from the rear

DIY – How to easily fix a dent on your car!

Having a dent on your car is like walking on the streets with a huge stain of ketchup on your white shirt. Of course, you can easily ignore it but, others won’t.

How to Charge Dead Car Battery with a Chainsaw

If you find your self stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead car battery, here is a cool and unorthodox way to charge it. All you need is a freaking