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Epic Tire-Shredding! Why Hellcat owners are the best!

If you’re thinking about getting yourself a Challenger, Hellcat – Charger or something similar, watch this video and etch it in your subconscious because, when you buy something like that, you shouldn’t

The Mad Matt supercharged Chrysler SRT-8 screaming in anger!

This beast literally blew everyone’s mind away! Ever since pictures from the 2015 Spring Festival came out, showing the 2006 Chrysler SRT-8 packing a supercharger we have all been waiting to see

When an epic burnout ends up as an epic fail!

It’s really interesting watching an epic burnout, great drag races, expensive vehicles and extraordinary drifting skills but what even more interesting is watching failed attempts. Today we give you one ridiculous fail moment

Epic plane burnout!

Now that’s what we call a burnout! The plane A380 was landing at LAX for the first some but apparently it had some problems. As we know, the pilots took a lot

Insane burnout performed by 1967 Ford Galaxie-MUST SEE

This really cool Ford is an example of the Muscle cars Golden Era. It’s a breathtaking view- the car is powerful, detailed, painted in a gorgeous red color that makes it look

How Clouds are made!

No, we are not talking about the clouds that you see every day when you look up at the sky. These ones come from somewhere else! Have you any idea what you get

Cool camaro doing burnout next to some sports cars and shows them who is the boss

In the video some guy is doing little burnouts with his Camaro- nice car! The thing is he’s doing that right where his other vehicles are parked. No, they’re not there by

MATER Tow Truck Does A HUGE Burnout!

Check out this insane burnout! We have all seen some wicked burnouts from the likes of the folks at Fullboost, but this particular burnout may take the cake as one of the

Coolest and Baddest Burnout EVER!! Check it out!!!

I’ve seen a lots of burnouts but nothing like what Kranky and his Holden v8 HQ did in 2012 burnout competition at Kandos Street Machine Show in Sydney, Australia. He ended up