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The Bugnaughty is a stunning mix of the classic Delahaye, Auburn and Bugatti!

The Bugnaughty, that combines the classic Delahaye, Aunurn and Bugatti styling, is truly one on a kind car. This ride incorporates the timeless designs and brings the features of the most beautiful cars in the world onto a single platform.  This rare creation rides on a 127-inch wheelbase. It has an independent suspension with a 9-inch Ford rear end. To …

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Bugatti Veyron battles Euro Fighter Typhoon in Top Gear challenge!

One of the best UK motoring programmers – Top Gear, represented a spectacular contest – a real beasts’ battle – The Royal Air Euro Fighter Typhoon and the Bugatti Veyron. The one who jumps in the astonishing Veyron is Hammond and is required to do his best in the challenging race against the twin-engine multirole combat aircraft Typhoon. The riders …

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Dubai Police Cars – fastest fleet in the world!!!

WOW!! When it comes to Dubai everything must be top notch!! Ofcourse money is not a problem over there so things they do are little bit extravagant. From the tallest buildings, underwater hotels, fastest rollercoaster in the world by Ferrari and lot more.. and ofcourse the sports car, the most expensive cars, the fastest cars, the rarest cars can be …

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