S.W.A.T. Operations Vehicle – Lenco BearCat

BearCat Jey Leno
Jay Leno again, but this time with something more serious. A S.W.A.T team vehicle designed and manufactured by the Lenco Industries a well known company which makes armored vehicles for government, military and law enforcements.
BearCats are built to be used by the S.W.A.T. team in operations that are out of the capabilities of the regular police.
This vehicle also know as ,,MedCat” is equipped with oxygen tanks, work station, two medical litters, compartments for medical supplies and of course gear storage. A 5inch mil spec steel is covered with ballistic glass capable of tolerating multi hits and modifications such as FLIR cameras, sirens and spot lights are the perfect combination. Knowing that it has blast-resistant floor is quite a relive!

Go inside out, under the hood, and for a ride with Jay!

And check out the action bonus!

Lenco BearCat in Action!