Sidecar cross is a thing and it’s completely insane!


Ladies and gentleman let us introduce you to sidecar cross. Motorbike sidecars are pretty strange rides. They are only one wheel away from being a proper “grown-up” car but, they’re still one wheel better than a motorbike.  But, as you will see in the video below, there are a couple of things that can turn a side car from being a “Strange thing” to an “Insane thing”. Big jumps, mud, and competitive spirit are the ingredients that are thrown in the mix.

The difference between motocross and a sidecar cross is that a metal trailer is grafted onto the side of the bike when sidecar crossing is in question. It acts as a huge stabilizer and doesn’t allow the bike to lean in a traditional manner. Nevertheless, it’s still essentially motocross so prepare for a lot of muddy jumps!