Jet powered Shockwave against Grave Digger drag race!

Shockwave against Grave DiggerJet powered Shockwave against Grave Digger drag race!! Well, we can’t say that this was a tight competition, considering the fact that one of the trucks here is jet powered! 🙂 Shockwave is the world’s fastest semi-truck! Believe it or not, it can outrun a Japanese bullet train, and we all know how fast those things are! This beast is powered by three Pratt&Whitney J34-48 jet engines, which were taken from the U.S. Navy, and it’s hitting speeds of 400 mph!!!

Shockwave against Grave Digger!

The Shockwave’s 4-tonne Peterbilt Semi is capable of producing 36.000 HP and covers a ÂĽ mile in just six-and-a-half seconds. The world record that Shockwave is holding for fastest jet-powered full-size truck is at 376 mph. Try outrunning that! In addition, this truck holds 190 gallons of fuel and burns “only” 180 per performance! Not very eco-friendly, but, meh, as long as there are only three of these out there… In case you want to take your kids to the Nitro Jam @ Bradenton Motorsports Park, make sure that your seats are high. You don’t want to get burned by the flames of this Jet truck! Check out this drag race Shockwave against Grave Digger!