Say hello to the amphibious tourism: The Rotterdam Splash amphibious bus is ready to take you on a tour


It’s not a boat and it’s not a bus-at least not a regular one. The Rotterdam Splash amphibious vehicle is the only one of its kind. There may be others similar vehicles invented but, this is the only one that is certified to be sailed on water as a seaworthy ship as well as be driven on roads. Talk about ideas! This creation surely attracts many tourists and the experience that it provides must be thrilling.

Remember, this is not an ordinary bus; there are many features that can be found on regular busses but the Splash Bus doesn’t have them. However this thing is extremely safe. The seating capacity is 43 and the city tour usually lasts 60 minutes. We’re more than sure that day trippers and tourist are amazed when they see this vehicle passing by and you will be too. See the amazing ride in the video below!