Perfectly Restored 1961 Chevrolet Corvette By Pro Auto Custom Interiors!

1961 Chevrolet Corvette Check out this stunning piece of machinery. Here is a class act that will surely blow your minds with More »

Ultimate Jet Car – 1923 Ford Model T Hot Rod Powered By a Boeing 502 Jet Engine!

1923 Ford Model T Boeing 502 Jet Engine On a 1923 Ford Model T Hot Rod. A very nicely done jet car More »

Chevrolet Duramax Parody – This Hilarious Video Will Make Your Day!

Chevrolet Duramax Parody This Hilarious Video Will Make Your Day! The dispute between Chevrolet and Ford owners lasts for probably a century. Both of them have More »

Redneck Engine Removal – When You Just Don’t Care Anymore!

Redneck Engine Removal Redneck Engine Removal! When your vehicle gets to the point where you can’t drive it anymore, we see no reason More »

8 Ultimate Crazy Diesel Engine Swaps You Never Seen!

Diesel Engine Swaps Engine swaps are as common in the automotive world as wheel swaps. Dropping in a completely different powerplant is More »


2011 Dodge Charger custom wide body kit – The Reaper!!

2011 Dodge Charger custom wide body kit – The Reaper!! This project took about a year to complete. Heated and cooled front seats, heated rear seats, 8.4″ U-Connect system, heated steering wheel, adaptive

The ShockWheel – A Brilliant Invention That Will Revolutionize The Bicycle Industry!

ShockWheel The Shock Wheel also known as shock absorbing bow-spoke wheel is a brilliant invention that will surely revolutionize the bicycle industry in the years to come. Designed by Chet Baigh, the

The Duke Engine – An Advanced Internal Combustion Engine!

Duke Engine The Duke Engine is an Advanced Internal Combustion Engine, delivering high Thermodynamic Efficiency, complete Fuel Flexibility, (runs on any suitable spark ignition fuel), Neglible 1st and 2nd order Vibration with

Storm Trooper Ram 3500 – The force is strong with this one!

Storm Trooper Ram 3500 – It’s ‘Star Wars’ in a nutshell. When trucks are the topic of discussion we are well aware that there are million different ways to bring one’s own

1971 Plymouth Barracuda – A unique and flawless creation!!!

1971 Plymouth Barracuda that has come straight from our dreams – that’s what this car is all about. Only one thing actually comes to my mind when seeing this 1971 Plymouth Barracuda ‘Cuda

Off road Rat Rod – A true tyranny on wheels!!!

Off road Rat Rod that kind of screams “Fury road” in a way is just the refreshment we were looking for. The truth is that automotive industry has a lot of talented

1500 RWHP Chevrolet Camaro turns heads at Pigeon Forge Rod Run!!!

1500 RWHP Chevrolet Camaro popped out at the 2016 Pigeon Forge Rod Run and of course, Scootie caught in on tape. What do you need to turn a 2010 Chevy Camaro into

6 cylinder Go Kart Death Machine is totally awesome

6 cylinder Go Kart that’s absolutely bonkers! The machine that we’re checking out today is one hell of a go kart. There are some moments in the video where it seems as

Safety Comes First – Motorcycle Suit With Built-In Airbags!

Motorcycle Suit Safety Comes First – Motorcycle Suit With Built-In Airbags! This technology has been used in the racing scene for a few years, but now it is finally available to the every

A Japan Railway maglev train hit 603 kilometers per hour (374 miles per hour)!!!

Maglev train Japan’s maglev train (magnetic levitation train) set a world speed record, traveling at a blazing 375 mph (603 kph) on a test track.  Just a few days before, the train had