Trophy Rat : Hot Rod pickup made for the off-road path

Trophy Rat

Trophy Rat is the unique hot rod pickup to hit the off-road with. To stand out in the automotive industry, you have to make something functional and visually appealing. The latest shop truck of Keith Northrup is a nice combination of that and is designed to show what exactly his Northrup Fabrication business is all about. The Trophy Rat is …

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New Bandit Trans Am is boasting 840 HP and it’s mind-blowing!

New Bandit Trans Am

New Bandit Trans Am is greeting the world and it’s awesome. When’ cars that made their presence on the silver screen’ are the topic of a conversation, chances are the Bandit will be brought up by someone as soon as the conversation starts. This is just one of those cars that made a impact that as big as the actors …

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Military veteran steals a Humvee and makes for an insane chase!

Military veteran steals

Military veteran steals a Humvee and takes the Police on one crazy chase. This is one of those chases that may get your blood boiling for a minute or maybe even nine. This military veteran stole a Humvee from a military base in Georgia with one thought on his mind – he is to do everything it takes to keep …

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Uber driver Batman picks up passengers in a Lamborghini Batmobile!

Uber driver Batman

Uber driver Batman -saving Gotham city at night and giving rides to people during the day. It turns out that even superheroes have a day job and Batman is not afraid to show his.  Busy guy, this Batman. Imagine that you’re waiting for your uber driver to pick you up and suddenly Batman appears out of nowhere in a Lambo and …

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Woman rams her Camaro into Police Interceptor!

Woman rams her Camaro

Woman rams her Camaro into Police Interceptor! Parking fail or a “burnout” fail? It’s Mother of Fails 😀 The moment when you realize you can’t push other cars with your car like in GTA! This is funny, but also tragic to see. This woman probably forgot to take her medication that morning, what do you think? Woman rams her Camaro into …

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High speed Police chase of a man wanted for numerous crimes!

High speed Police chase

High speed Police chase of a man wanted for numerous crimes! This chase took place on the streets of South Florida, April 1st, 2016. The Police were pursuing the driver in the red Mercury, Keith Antonio Michel, 34. It all started when Lauderhill Police put out an alert for Michel after they said he stabbed his girlfriend multiple times the night before. High …

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Paut Motor Prototype – A Revolutionary Engine!

Paut Motor Prototype

Paut Motor Prototype This prototype is performed as an engine with two-sided pistons, positioned at 90° to each other, in combination with PAUT two-stroke cycles. Such construction provides an engine containing less assembling parts, having smaller mass to power and overall-dimensions to power ratios, which are the presumptions for a successful product to be accomplished and for low cost production/exploitation …

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How To Unstuck Your Tractor If You Are Deep In Mud!

How To Unstuck

How To Unstuck If you grew up on a farm, i’m pretty sure you’ve had the opportunity to get stuck. But navigating your way through a deep mud is not an easy task if you are not careful or if you don’t know what are you doing. How To Unstuck Your Tractor If You Are Deep In Mud! Now there are …

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Hyperloop One Reaches 116mph In First Open-air Test Run!

Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One Can people travel in supersonic vacuum tubes? Startup company Hyperloop-One provided us with an answer, and the answer is yes. In the Nevada desert, Hyperloop-One successfully demonstrated rocketing a sled down a short section of track using magnetic levitation technology. The aluminum sled reached 116 mph in 1.9 seconds and hit 300 mph before in came to a halt in a …

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2017 Camaro Z28 crashes during testing at Nürburgring!

Camaro Z28 crashes

2017 Camaro Z28 crashes during testing at Nürburgring! This particular Camaro Z/28 prototype has finally been seen in heavy camouflage over the last few days while testing on the Nürburgring. It sounds mean and the aero work makes it look even meaner. The day when this video was shot seemed like a perfect day to let out the beast. What could go …

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