Missing a Wrench? No Problem Thanks To This Amazing Life Hack!

Amazing Life Hack

Amazing Life Hack In this video below, you can see how to solve the problem of the lack of a wrench of the required size. It is simple but at the same time practical life hack will definitely help you out in difficult times. Missing a Wrench? No Problem Thanks To This Amazing Life Hack! If you should find yourself …

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1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS perfect rides ends with a crash!

1968 Chevrolet Chevelle

1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS beautiful ride ends with hitting a concrete barrier. Everything was going super clean and great, as planned for this amazing Chevelle SS. The driver was throwing the Chevelle’s weight around the track perfectly and even finished the race with a clean pass. However, the worst comes right after that. As the Chevelle approaches the finish line, …

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Future Truck 2025: Mercedes Benz’s Self-Driving Truck!

Future Truck 2025

Future Truck 2025 Some motorists are excited about it, while others are nervous about the concept. We may be looking at the next chapter of motoring, as Mercedes-Benz is betting on the future and they have a concept truck to prove it. While truck drivers spend countless hours on the road transporting goods, the accidents with their giant, heavy vehicles are often …

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Dodge Challenger Hellcat – A muscle car slammed to the ground!!!

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Hellaflush Dodge Challenger Hellcat – are we in for a treat? Taste in cars comes in all shape and sizes…and forms or even maybe… functions. While the majority of us may be more interested in function, here we have a case that took form-over-function look at the automobile world. To be more precise, the ones who took this Dodge Hellcat …

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Mean Murder Nova roaring through the new transmission!!!

Murder Nova

Mean Murder Nova is to be tested, folks. Each and every upgrade that a car receives is important but, how would you know that everything is in order if you don’t test your ride properly? After all, one simple and tiny flaw in a race equals major problem in the equation of the automotive world. That’s why this time we …

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Fastest General Lee EVER with stunning 6.27 @ 237 mph

Sydney Dragway is an event that is full with excitement and there is always something that will catch your eye. On June 28, 2015, Daniel Schultz was racing his outlaw nitro super fast funny car ‘General Lee’ at Sydney Dragway in Australia and he is having a stunning 2.27 sec. at 237 mph. “The General” is the monster who shook …

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This Bonneville Buick straight 8 is the fastest one in world!!!

straight 8

Bonneville Buick The Straight 8 engine was highly popular for a long period of time, to say to least. In that honor, at the Bonneville event there is still a class that runs it so to keep that old piece of iron pumping and alive. That Buick, powered by a Straight 8 engine reaches 165 mph that made it a …

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This 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo is a drifting beast!!!

1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

This 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo makes drifting look easy! This model was featured in one of the Fast and Furious movies, Tokyo Drift, and there’s a good reason for it. These babies are fast! And here we have a video that was taken at the Sonoma Drift, an event held Wednesday nights at the Sonoma Raceway, California. In the video we …

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This is the coolest General Lee Charger Go Kart!

General Lee Go Kart

Take a moment to check out the coolest General Lee Charger Go Kart on the block! Perfect little guy! You are already guessing that in the video below you are going to see a go kart with small scale replica of General Lee’s body! However, do not raise your expectations, because you are going to watch only a go kart after …

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1963 Ford Falcon – The ultimate smoother!!!

Ford Falcon

1963 Ford Falcon and Aaron Kaufman – you can’t mess with this dangerous combination. Gas Money Garage’s own Aaron Kaufman is the guy that definitely knows the way around a car. This time, we get to see some personal time with one of his epic rides. The video is actually a cinematic journey that follows the 1963 Ford Falcon with Aaron …

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