Blown Roush Mustang vs BK34 Corvette Z06 street race!

Blown Roush Mustang

Blown Roush Mustang vs BK34 Corvette Z06 street race! The Corvette has the race heads on, the Cam as well and the Bolt-ons are there as well. All the other parts are customized and changed from the stock ones but if not, they wouldn’t matter at all. It is the Mustang that is in the spot tonight and nothing would …

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1970 Ford Torino Cobra Jet 429 convertible found in a barn!

1970 Ford Torino Cobra

This is a real 1970 Ford Torino Cobra Jet 429 convertible and it was found in a barn, where it has been residing for 29 years. Mark Boardman, a collector of 1970-’71 Ford Torinos came across a photo of a “convertible 429 GT” for sale. He asked the vendor, David Elliott, what motor does this car have. David said that it’s a J-code car. J-code is …

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The original Dodge Challenger from Tarantino’s “Death Proof”!

original Dodge Challenger

The original Dodge Challenger from Tarantino’s “Death Proof”! Dodge Challenger is already an icon among muscle cars, but this one is more special than the rest. It was one of the cars that was used during the filming of Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof”. I believe you’re all familiar with the movie, but for those of you who are not, Death Proof is …

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Biggest Pickup Truck! 1950 Dodge Power Wagon!

biggest pickup truck

Biggest Pickup Truck Yes, a giant, heavy, moving house is quite the description for this thing. This is believed to be the biggest pickup truck in the world and even though the video is a bit old, it sure is worth watching. If you haven’t stumble across it yet, you’re going to be a little shocked when you see the …

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The Koenigsegg One:1’s 3D Printed Variable Turbo Is a Masterpiece!

3D Printed Variable Turbo

3D Printed Variable Turbo Swedish automaker Koenigsegg is celebrating its 20th birthday this year and for the occasion, the company has unveiled the Agera One:1, also titled as the “world’s first megacar”. It is the first production car that offers a 1:1 power to weight ratio — it weighs 1340kg and produces 1322bhp (1340 metric horsepower). The Koenigsegg One:1’s 3D Printed Variable …

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Axial Vector Engine 12 Cylinder Concept!

Axial Vector Engine

Axial Vector Engine Axial engines are a type of reciprocating engine with pistons arranged around an output shaft with their axes parallel to the shaft. Barrel refers to the cylindrical shape of the cylinder group whilst the Z-crank alludes to the shape of the crankshaft. Axial Vector Engine 12 Cylinder Concept! What you see here is a Axial Vector Engine …

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Line X coating makes things literally impossible to break!

Line X coating

Line X coating is a tough and durable protection that the company is providing the word with. Moreover, it is applied world wide. But, how good the protective spray-on coating actually is? Well, as we can see, it’s pretty unbeatable when it comes to protecting things. Apparently, Line X coating has many advantaged and that’s why it is dominant in …

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Semi truck crash causes mayhem at an intersection!

Semi truck crash

Semi truck crash that came a bit unexpected. Let’s be honest; when in traffic we all tend to be somewhat impatient. We want to reach our destination as fast as we can, without all the “drawbacks” like waiting in line at the traffic light. Sometimes when we see that it’s safe we allow ourselves to break the rules just a …

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Toyota Creates a Free Piston Engine With No Crankshaft!

Free Piston Engine

Free Piston Engine A team at Toyota Central R&D Labs Inc. is developing a prototype 10 kW Free Piston Engine Linear Generator (FPEG) featuring a thin and compact build, high efficiency and high fuel flexibility. Toyota envisions that a pair of such units (20 kW) would enable B/C-segment electric drive vehicles to cruise at 120 km/h (75 mph). The team …

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What Is a Car Clutch And How Clutches Work?!

How Clutches Work

How Clutches Work You probably know that any car with a manual transmission has a clutch. A clutch is a mechanical device that engages and disengages the power transmission, especially from driving shaft to driven shaft. Clutches are used whenever the transmission of power or motion must be controlled either in amount or over time. What Is a Car Clutch And How …

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