Installing Tire letters the right way! – DRIVE CLEAN


Larry Kosilla, the host of DRIVE CLEAN, got interested in tire letters and decided to look for the best of the best- Tredwearletter.  Of course, he found them and decided to have a little chat with them about their work. That’s what this particular episode is all about.

The white letters that Tredwear put on your tires don’t come off, don’t change their color and change your tire into a raised white lettered one! Maybe not all of us want to put letters on the tires but, we think that it’s a pretty good idea if you want your vehicle to have that POP.  People will notice that little detail and we’re sure that you’ll always get positive comments on it.

So, as folks at Tredwear say: Don’t let your tires go around naked, dress them with something special! Check out the video if you want to find out more about the special rubberized graphics they use.