Insane 1970-1/2 Z/28 TWIN TURBO CAMARO Is Warming Up At RT 66


If we talk about ProMods, then we should mention this Camaro powered by a Jasiek Racing Engine. These engines are the best because they have a long history of building engines that provide a competitive advantage. Team Summers made a huge move with the 1970-1/2 Camaro in the Pro Street division.

They took their dragster for some testing at RT 66 Joliet Test and Tune to crunch some numbers. Their Jerry Bickel built 1970 1/2 Z/28 Camaro has Big Stuff3 systems that provide cutting-edge technology to street rodders and racers, Twin Precision 88 mm Turbos, and CFE Heads.

Check out this insane build at RT 66 crunching some numbers!