GTA 5 Recreation of Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7. WOW!


This GTA 5 Recreation of Ken Block‘s Gymkhana 7 is so detailed that you could easily mistake it for the real thing. When the 7th installment aired last year, Block’s Hoonicorn Mustang took Gymkhana series to another level and we know that the 8th episode is going to be something extremely special.

This amazing GTA 5 recreation is definitely a mighty attempt. It is set in fictional local of Los Santos and the one who made it has copied the original production quite perfectly. So, yes there are times that you could think that it’s the real thing! The combination of Ken Block’s outrageous Mustang and Mad Mike’s RX7 is unbelievably good. The car is the most obvious give away that this is a recreation; everything else is insanely similar compared to the original. Check out what going wild in the streets of Los Santos really means: