GTA 5 at its finest: Blowing up a police helicopter while doing a backflip with a tank!


Have you ever seen a tank doing a backflip? We thought so. And where can we see epic stunts and driving that are unimaginable in our real world? GTA 5 is that one game that changed the world in this sense. That virtual, all-most reality made took things on a whole new level, allowing non-professional drivers to do things they could only dream of doing in reality.

This guy that’s controlling the tank did one crazy stunt. He got caught building ramps at the airport by the police. And we all know what happens when the police spot you and start chasing you in GTA. So, he gets his tank up in the air and while doing a backflip with it, he blows up the police helicopter that has been chasing him! Here’s how it all went down: