GREEN Monster! 750 hp Twin Turbo Camaro in a Street Race!


We love twin turbo plants, especially those that look pretty and go fast. This Camaro is 750 hp green monster that is going against a supercharged Ford F-150 Lightning, 600 hp Infiniti G35 and 750 hp Evo in a street race. And street racing is full with surprises.

In the first round, the 2013 Camaro, which is rocking a Hellion V8 twin-turbo kit, is going against the supercharged Ford F-150 Lightning. The blue-collar machine was an easy target for the Chevy, but things got a bit difficult for the Camaro when it was playing with the Infiniti. Camaro wins again, but then it finally meets a faster opponent. Two 750 hp machines racing against each other doesn’t always bring close results.

The race crossed the border of the law, so we recommend watching instead of doing it yourself.

Check it out!