Fully functioning motorcycle made of wood!

Fully functioning motorcycle made of wood!!

The motorcycle enthusiast, Istvan Puskas, shows us his motorcycle made of wood. Istvan, who is from Hungary, took the term “chopper” literally and spent two years in chopping his ride from weather- resistant black locust wood. We’ve seen some other unique vehicles in the past but; this is the first functional chopper that we have come across so far.

We don’t know whether he couldn’t afford a regular chopper or just wanted to create something that would stand out from the crowd; however, this masterpiece of his got a lot of attention when it was unveiled. Of course, wood isn’t the only unusual material on this thing. The handlebars and exhaust pipe are made from cow’s horns and deer antlers are used as decorations. All in all, this creation is impressive!

Check it out in the video below!