Ford F150 truck lift went entirely wrong

Ford F150 truck liftFord F150 truck lift goes completely wrong and the owner is probably not happy about it.

We’ve heard all kinds of horror stories about many lube shops that can be found out there and it’s really difficult not to be apprehensive about where you decide to leave your vehicle. Such an unpleasant story is this one, in which an owner of a Ford F150 learns the hard way that he should be very picky about the choosing of a proper shop.

Ford F150 truck lift went entirely wrong

Well, let’s just say that the guys in which he put his F150’s fate mishandled his ride, only just a bit. When he arrives at the shop to pick up his truck he finds out that they didn’t do a very good job when putting his truck up on the lift because, somehow, it managed to fall off. We’re sure next time he would definitely go elsewhere to get tires on his vehicle.

In the video you’ll see how the worker are desperately trying to get the truck back in action and that’s not even the hardest part. They surely have some serious explaining to do and maybe some firing as well. Check it out!