Find out what can go wrong in a classic car drag race!


The list is a mile long as many things can go wrong, no matter whether it’s a race or a situation in your life, the start or the beginning of that particular thing is really important and in most cases can’t be corrected.

The same is with drag races. If the power is not harnessed at the very beginning the car can fly away from the drag track like a bird. The torque pushes the car so hard, that she is on the rear wheels and then the steering is bypassed. The experienced drag races can control this kind of a situation but even they are on the edge of losing control.

Just like that, in the video below, the race started with a really aggressive start. The driver in the black beast on the left track probably wanted to show more than his opponent so he lost control of the car and crashed.  Somehow, he managed to continue forward but only for a second, until he ended up on the right side.

Check out the video!